Sadiq Paper Product Pvt.Ltd. is a private company with the shares owned within the Sadiq family. We are one of the leading paper manufacturers in the Pakistan involved in both traditional and developing markets.
The environment is important to us all and our paper industry has worked hard to ensure its products are produced within very strict guidelines.
The developing markets have seen a growth in demand for various types of recycled papers and we have expanded our knowledge and expertise to include these.
At our paper mill, customers and employees are all equally important to us and this combination makes us a very strong company and guarantees our continued success.

The Pakistan Paper Industry is among the global players today, Demand for paper as well as paper   board has increased considerably since independence thus resulting in the set up of a few major paper mills across the country. One of the major players who dominate the paper industry in Pakistan is Sadiq Paper Products Private Limited.

Sadiq Paper Products Private Limited is manufacturing quality paper by recycling of waste paper as the feedstock for domestic consumption for a little over 2 decades.  Although paper is traditionally identified with reading and writing, communication.
Sadiq Paper Products has also become the first paper mill in Pakistan to produce high quality writing and printing papers from 100% deinked wood free recovered paper.