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Sadiq Paper Products aims to become the leading Paper Mill in Pakistan, with an emphasis on environment friendly Paper Production with high quality Products and services.

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Its legal status is Association of Persons. Situated at 10-Km, G.T. Road Shahdara Lahore. (Pakistan).

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Printing Paper – Which is the Best for You

The world we are living in is a Digital world. Things and techniques are being invented now and then. People are linking with each other through phones and internet instead of meeting in person. People are interacting and socializing through E-mails instead of letters, which make us people think that the value of paper has […]

What is Virgin Paper

A paper that is formed with less to no amount of material that is used for recycling is called Virgin Paper. The reason being is that it is made by cutting the fresh trees. the timber of the tree is cut and the pulp is formed by milling process which results in a new paper […]

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Uses for Newspapers

You know what…let’s do something fun today. We all have Old Newspapers stacked somewhere at our place. While apart from using them to line up our cupboards, we either end up tossing them away or just stuff them in a drawer somewhere. What if we told you they could help you out in other ways? […]

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