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Inkjet Printer And Types of Ink Used

Importance of Printing Inks


Choosing the ink that is the right one for the project, assignment, design and editing, is very important before doing any of it because there are many printers like inkjet printer and inks/dyes are available in the market but not every ink suits every printer and not every printer gives you the desired printing results you want on the basis of types of ink.

Just as you know there are different printing papers, there are also different printers available which consume different color of inks to give you proper results. There are dozens of printers which are specifically used for office need, preferably used are inkjet printer. The ink cartridges that are needed to be inserted in these printers are very expensive but the results are worth buying it.

There are many inks available in the market which are not expensive but in your budget but sometimes using ink of low budget can give you not so quality results. It is our friendly advice to you to choose an ink that helps you to get perfect printing results on an inkjet printer.

We know that this is always a difficult task to choose printer papers and printer inks from the thousand of options available out there. In this article, this is our main focus to guide you with all the options of ink and toners available and their uses that will help you to get a perfect result.

Before getting towards inkjet printer and types of ink, we should know the different types of printing. There are many types of printing, but we will be discussing the digital printing and printers used for digital printing along with the inks used in these printers.

Digital Printing

Digital printing, is done by a process which captured an image in computer and a blink of an eye it transfers the image to printers like inkjet and laser that are used for digital printing.

What is the Use?

It is used for the assignments and projects and gives the perfect result on every print job.

It is used to print:

  • Posters
  • Plastics
  • Foamboard

The printers that are used for digital printing are mentioned below, along with ink used by it.

Inkjet Printer:

Inkjet printers have nozzles and tubes on the front which sprays the ink inserted in them on the material surface that needs to be printed. Piezo crystal sprays out ink by a process of electric charge. The head of thermal ink has that heating element which helps the ink to spray on paper through nozzles.

The ink used must have the viscosity low and should have the tiny particles in it. The inks that are used have different solvents,  some have aqueous base while some are water-based. Each type of ink when sprays on paper give different effects.

Types of Ink Used In Inkjet Printers

The different inks used in inkjet printers for digital printing are:

1- Dye-based Ink:

The basic use is in everyday printing of photos, copy work and office work like business reports. The dye-based inks that are used give you refreshing colors on paper but it has one disadvantage. The colors of images on paper fade away with a lapse of time.

The solution of ethylene glycol is added in solution. This helps in drying the ink on paper. The fading of color sometimes also occur by sunlight exposure. Various optical compounds are also included in dry based ink for increasing the quality of ink on paper given out by inkjet printer and to make it look more vibrant and classy.

  1. Pigment-based Ink:

The pigment-based ink used in an inkjet printer is a fine powder consistency that is then added in liquid. The particles when sprays on paper take time to dissolve which make the printing process slow. But the result on paper is more vibrant and has a longer time vibrancy.

The pigment-based ink used by inkjet printer for photographs and glossy paper printing, the stickers and signs are printed through this ink. The ink has the tendency to resist the water but the ink is quiet expensive and sometimes give brighter color on appearing than usual inks like dye based inks. But the results are so amazing that people are mostly like to use it for professional photographs printing.

  1. Solvent Ink:

Solvent ink is used as they give some rich vibrant colors on paper. These inks are used for making billboards, banners. Their important features include waterproof nature and overcoating capability. To do art on a vehicle, these inks are used. These inks are mostly used for commercial works.

The ink doesn’t dry immediately but at least take 2 to 3 minutes. The disadvantage includes rapid evaporation. Volatile organic compounds are added which make the solvent spray on aper to evaporate easily.

  1.    UV Ink:

The UV Ink used by inkjet printer has acrylic compounds. They usually don’t evaporate easily. The UV lights are inserted in the printers cartridges. When the ink is passed through UV light, a chemical reaction happens which results in spraying of ink on paper. The ink sprayed on paper is dried immediately.

These inks are commonly used for printing the banners, posters. It provides you with the best results but the inks that are used and the process is very expensive. People usually prefer it for printing large posters and banners. The ink dried immediately and so is the process is done in a blink of an eye.

I hope the article is of the exact information you need to know about inks used by inkjet printers for digital printing.

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