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How To Make Handmade Paper From Recycled Materials

Handmade Paper From Recycled Materials The process of making paper is 2000 years old, wood pulp was introduced as a source of papermaking in the 1830s and this is when the major deforestation era started. This is one of the impacts humans have on the world’s deforestation as these resources end up being used in […]

Recycled Paper Complete Manufacturing Process

  Types of Papers that can be recycled: Raw materials Old newspapers Office cuttings Mixed-white cutting  Old Notebooks Scrap Phone books Magazines Catalogues White computer paper Cardboard Colored office paper   Types of Paper that cannot be recycled: Paper towels Paper with food waste Juice and cereal boxes Paper cups Coated and treated paper Also, […]

PaperMaking – How is Paper Made? A Step By Step Guideline

PaperMaking, otherwise known as the process through which Paper is made is a complicated and long drawn out procedure. It involves countless hours of constant monitoring, handling, and care. There are a number of steps involved in turning wood into pulp. That pulp is used in the papermaking process, but this article is going to […]

Paper Making Machine Diagram: Process And Working

The paper making machine used today is just the industrial version of the handmade paper making machine back in the day. So that paper is made in bulk faster and the demands are met. History of Paper Machine and Recycling Paper After some failures faced by Louis-Nicolas Robert, he was finally able to succeed in […]


Paper is a form of dried, compressed material that is thin and is produced by pressing technique by milling plant fiber. Pressing together moist fibers of cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets and thus used. To make paper, trees are cut down and turned into wood chips. The […]