Paper textures play a big role in how a printed work  looks when complete. It can affect everything from how bright a color looks, to how the ink fills the paper, and how a printed material feels in your customer’s hands. The texture of these papers can have a big impact on the finished design of a printed material. Each of them also have their quirks that need to be understood as well.


There are four different types of paper textures: smooth, embossed, uncoated, and coated. Each type of texture has multiple paper styles.

  • SMOOTH Paper Texture:
  • They typically have no raised ridges or watermarks.
  • Wove – This style of paper is very smooth and doesn’t have watermarking.
  • Smooth – This style of paper is created by running paper through sets of rollers
  • Vellum – Vellum has an egg shell look and feel and is very durable.



    It consists of paper that has raised detailing, can be both seen and felt.


  • Linen – Linen texture paper is frequently used for when you want an elegant look.
  • Laid – This is a type of finish that is applied to the paper during the paper-making process.
  • Pinstripe – This paper has a ribbed texture.



    It simply means that there is no coating applied to the paper.


  • Parchment – Parchment paper, sometimes referred to as marble paper.
  • Cockle – This paper has a handmade.



    It has a a layer of coating applied and can be used to improved brightness.


  • Foil/Metallic – This paper has a thin film of plastic or metal in the same color as the base paper
  • Stardream – They are relatively smooth to the touch, but have a shimmery coating.
  • Glossy – This paper texture is very smooth. One side of the paper can be uncoated and rough while the other is coated with a surface gloss. This gives it a shiny coating.

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