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Recycled Printer Paper | A Complete Recycling Process

History of Paper: Producing new paper and papermaking processes are being done since 105 AD in China. The first paper was made by using rags, fishing nets, hemp, and grass. Since then new techniques are being involved in making paper. The basic change that was needed was to enhance the paper quality. The process of […]

Origin of Paper Manufacturing – Interesting History of Papermaking

Origin of Paper Manufacturing – Paper was first made by the Chinese in the 2nd century. It was made of fishnets and tree bark mainly. The earliest paper manufacturing process for making it in bulks, using machinery, can be traced back to the 9th-century medieval Islamic world. Paper Manufacturing Process Now Paper is made up of fiber. […]

How Paper Is Made? A Step-By-Step Guide

How Paper Is Made? Paper is a thin sheet material that is produced mechanically and chemically from wood, rags, grasses, or other vegetable sources. We cannot deny the importance of paper in our everyday lives. It is used for communicating, connecting, studying, art and so much more. We all are aware of the fact that […]

The Difference Between A3 Sheet Size And A4 Sheet Size

A3 And A4 Sheet Size: Nowadays printing has become a necessity for everyone. Not only in businesses or offices but printing is also used in every other household thus the need for printing is everywhere. When it comes to printing the most important thing is the paper on which you print. Different printing needs require […]

The Power Of Digital Transformation For The Paper Manufacturing Industry

Digital Transformation In Paper Industry One of the most important resources in the world is paper. In fact, it would be difficult to go through a day without the use of paper. 419.7 million Papers produced in 2017. The three biggest producers of paper are Japan, China, and the U.S. the main leading importing county […]

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What Is The Environmental Impact Of Paper?

What Is The Environmental Impact of Paper? The environmental impact of paper is very significant which has affected the industry and personal and business level decisions behaviors. As technology has been advanced such as printing press and wood harvesting, there is a lot of high amount of disposable papers which increases high consumption and wastes […]

How Much Does A Sheet of Paper Weigh | A Guide To Paper Weights

How Much Does A Sheet of Paper Weigh We can not underestimate the usage of paper worldwide. Even in this digital world, the importance of paper remains standstill. Starting from home, offices, schools, universities, service places, etc you will find usage of paper everywhere. If you want authority in your printing jobs, it’s important to […]

How To Make Handmade Paper From Recycled Materials

Handmade Paper From Recycled Materials The process of making paper is 2000 years old, wood pulp was introduced as a source of papermaking in the 1830s and this is when the major deforestation era started. This is one of the impacts humans have on the world’s deforestation as these resources end up being used in […]

Why Recycled Paper Is A Better Option?

Back To Basics of Recycled Paper: Since the beginning of time as far as we can remember paper has been one of the most used products on the market. It has always had high demand and never has any other product been used fully as its substitute. Paper has been used in many forms. It […]