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What is Virgin Paper

A paper that is formed with less to no amount of material that is used for recycling is called Virgin Paper. The reason being is that it is made by cutting the fresh trees. the timber of the tree is cut and the pulp is formed by milling process which results in a new paper formation.

So we’re going to try answering some critical questions about the paper type in this blog post. The paper is important because without it some important

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Can we Recycle It?

Virgin paper can’t be processed through recycling. This is due to the paper being made from fresh timber, therefore no recycling material is used here.

The fiber used in making the paper, has high absorbance and the paper gives good printing results. It’s cost effective, soft and produced in large bulks. You can even say the paper produced is pure.

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Why Virgin Paper and not Recycled

For the reason describe below, manufacturers consider Virgin Paper a much better selection than the recycle one, and reading this you can understand why.

  • The print fades away
  • Tables are less sticky
  • Warping problems
  • Problem with the porosity of paper
  • Issues with a humid environment
  • Paper quality differs
  • Packaging problems

Why Virgin Paper is suitable for manufacturing

Virgin paper has the following properties which make it a more suitable and sustainable choice for manufacturers. The paper is made up by the wood of that forest trees that has lower the impact of environment.

It is needed to make sure the plant and trees get quality care. It’s important to take care of their nutritional needs as we all need a healthy environment so we at Sadiq Papers make sure we pick trees that SHOULD be cut down.

It has characteristics such as:

  • High durability
  • Can easily resist to humidity
  • Increase strength property
  • Paper is longer lasting

Virgin Paper Products

Some of the products made that signify Its importance are as follows and according to manufacturer’s it wouldn’t have been made otherwise.

  • Bathroom tissues
  • Napkins
  • Paper plate and paper cups
  • Paper for packaging food

We hope that after reading this, you have a better understanding of what this article is about.

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