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Virgin Paper

A paper that is formed with less to no amount of material that is used for recycling is called Virgin  paper. The reason for which it is called Virgin  paper is that it is made by cutting the fresh trees. the timber of the tree is cut and the pulp is formed by milling process which results in a new paper formation.

Can we recycle it?

Virgin  paper can’t be processed into the recycling process. It is because the material used in developing the paper is free from all type of recycled material. The fiber used in making Virgin  paper that has high absorbance and the paper gives good printing results. The Virgin  paper is soft and has quality meeting the need for a good paper. The paper also serves as cost-effective.

Why the manufacturer choose Virgin  paper and not recycled paper?

For the reason describe below, manufacturers consider Virgin  paper more

  • The print has faded away
  • Tables are less sticky
  • Warping problems
  • Problem with the porosity of paper
  • Issues with a humid environment
  • Paper quality differs
  • Packaging problems

Why the Virgin  paper is a suitable choice?

Virgin  paper has the following properties which make it a more suitable and sustainable choice for manufacturers. The paper is made up by the wood of that forest trees that has lower the impact of environment.it is needed to make sure the plant and trees get quality life changes. It is important to take care of their water and another need as the forest is a source of tree and wood for not only one generation but for generations.

Virgin  paper is the best choice because of characters such as:

  • High durability
  • Can easily resist to humidity
  • Increase strength property
  • Paper is longer lasting

Virgin  paper Vs recycled paper:

It’s a topic of debate between manufacturer that which paper is more suitable and meet the need for good quality printing paper. Both the papers have their own advantages and disadvantages and both have different roles to play in manufacturing and supply and both have different functions to perform in daily life.

Products made by Virgin  paper?

The products that are made by Virgin  paper are:

  • Bathroom tissues
  • Napkins
  • Paper plate and paper cups
  • Paper for packaging food

Sadiq paper product ltd is one of the leading high quality paper manufacturing company which is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Virgin paper is one of the many product produced by Sadiq paper product ltd. They assure to provide you paper with best appearance and quality and to meet the need of customers.

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