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Uses for Newspapers

You know what…let’s do something fun today. We all have Old Newspapers stacked somewhere at our place. While apart from using them to line up our cupboards, we either end up tossing them away or just stuff them in a drawer somewhere.

What if we told you they could help you out in other ways? What if old newspapers can help you save some money? We’re here to help with that

Recycle Well

So here are some uses for newspapers that we think are going to be a big help to you and you’ll be contributing to saving the environment too, yay!


Cleaning Windows

Protip, streaklines on windows look awful especially if done with a cloth. Using a newspaper to clean them would not only help reduce them but make better use of the paper. Oh and Vinegar + Water solution to dip the paper in, it’ll make all the difference

Barbeque Cleaner

newspaper cleaning barbeque grill
Clean your grill well

Have a Barbeque Machine? Turn it off while allowing it to cool down. Soak the newspaper in water, then lay them on the warm grills after which close the lid. Leave it on for an hour then clean the paper off along with the dirt. Easy right?

Killing Weed

Does Garden have a weed problem? Cover the flowerbeds with newspaper and soak them in water. Eventually, the paper will help smother the weeds and applying Compost will help the garden as well.

Shape Keeper

Stuff old newspapers into bags and shoes to help keep their shape intact over long periods. Trust us, this is a lifesaver

Fruit and Vegetable Drawer

vegetables in newspapers
vegetables in newspapers

Place all your vegetables in a newspaper-lined drawer. This helps keep the drawer free from odor and keeps the vegetables themselves fresh

Table Padding

Lay down newspapers underneath your table cloth in the dining room. It’s a great replacement for expensive padding and you can take those off when friends arrive for dinner too.

Shoe Smell Solution

shoe smells
She’s no happy

Have shoes that stink really bad? Crumble up old papers into the shoes and leave them in overnight. By morning, it’ll have completely disappeared.

Windscreen Frost Protection

Using old newspaper on a car windscreen will protect it from frost. Leave it on during the winter season so you don’t have to become superman blowing warm air to help defrost it.

Carpet Underlining

carpet underlining with newspaper
Carpet Lining

Have a foam carpet? lining can be really expensive so you can use newspapers to put underneath as this will also help it from not sliding

Cleaning Broken Glass

After picking up the really big pieces, the smaller ones become a problem. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, wet a newspaper and clean the area thoroughly. The small glass pieces will stick to it.

Insect Traps

Have an infestation? Leave wet newspapers tied together with a rubber band in the infested area. Do this for a few days and the insects will subside.


So these were some of the uses that we found were outside the general knowledge that people have about newspapers. We at Sadiq Paper Products promote environmental friendliness and recyclable paper production.

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