It is important to know all the types of paper for printing with their different main features, characteristics, and quality to make sure which type of paper is best suitable for printing. Sadiq paper is a top paper mill which prepares all the types of paper that are suitable for printing different printing purposes.

Why it is important to choose paper material for printing?

Before choosing the best paper from types of paper for printing, understand that the quality of paper has a great value in printing. Every other types of paper for printing has a different product quality and services that meet customer need and expectations. The income of the manufacturing company depends on the types of paper and their purchasing rate. Sadiq paper make sure to fulfill all the qualities required for the preparation of best types of paper for printing.


Whether you need a good paper stock for postcards or want to print business cards on unique paper, the best way to choose a great paper stock for your print projects is to first understand the most desirable paper qualities and how they are achieved. These qualities dictate how a paper looks and feels as well as its suitability for a given print job. The following breaks down different paper stock characteristics and what they mean to your final printed materials.

Following are the paper qualities and characteristics that must be fulfilled by the manufacturing company. Sadiq paper makes sure that to check all the qualities and characters before they parcel it to the product.

  • Surface of paper
  • Weight of paper
  • Thickness of paper
  • Opacity of paper
  • Grain of paper
  • Whiteness of paper
  • Brightness of paper


  • Coated paper:

Coated paper is one of the most used types of paper for printing. In appearance, it is smooth and glossy. The glowy surface is a result of using chemical additives. All type of magazines and poster cards are prepared by using coated paper. Sadiq paper manufacturers provide you with best-coated papers for your posters and business cards. All the colors are greatly embossed on it.

  • Matte Paper:

It is a type of coated paper but it does not have clay coating. This type of paper has some pores between the lines. It is the another most used type of paper for printing. This is more likely to absorb ink and is porous. This type of paper is used for photographs and the best choice for you if you want to print out pamphlets.

This type of paper has three types defined below;

  1. Premium-grade Matte Paper: It is the best type of paper for books printing. It results in less distribution of ink on paper.
  2. Semi-matte Paper: It is a paper that lies between silk and glossy paper. This type of paper easily gets stained on paper.
  3. Double-sided Matte Paper: This types of paper for printing purposes of calendars and bookmarks is used.
  • Watermarked paper:

This paper lies In the uncoated paper category. It is an embossed paper. This types of paper for printing results in sophisticated appearance which gives the design a new look.

  • Environmentally friendly paper:

This type of paper is prepared by cutting woods from trees that strictly follow the environmental and forest tree saving campaign and criteria.

  • Recycled paper:

The term recycled paper meaning 60-100% recycled pulp. They are termed as an environmental loving types of paper for printing because the process of manufacturing the process involves no chemicals.

  • Special papers:

With a special types of paper for printing, it means the paper goes through many processes like coating and laminating before they are finally produced. This gives it a great glowy look. Sadiq paper is a top paper mill that produces the best types of paper for printing.

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