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Paper is measured in pounds per five hundred sheets (one Ream of paper) of a regular size of sheet supported the cluster or class of papers the grade. If five hundred sheets of this size weigh 20lbs., then the paper is assessed as a 20lb bond. Heavier and lighter stocks can clearly be thicker or dilatant than the […]

Types of Printing Paper

There are many types and sizes of printing paper. Sometimes it gets a little complicated, when deciding for the right paper for printing, for various purposes. Today we are going to discuss the most popular ones in this article and which paper is used for which objective. Bond Paper: Bond paper is one of the […]

Thick Paper For Printing

Today we will talk about paper and thick paper and how thick paper is suitable for printing.  What Is Paper: Paper has no basic definition, but we can explain it as “printing or writing surface made from wood fibers and vegetables refines into sheets and available in many colors, finishes, Paper sizes, thickness, etc. What Is […]

A3 Paper Size And Common Uses Of A3 Paper

Nowadays about 2 series, A and B series are used worldwide by most of the countries as it is declared as international standards. The most commonly used papers are A3 paper size and A4 size of ISO 216. It has many other sizes and types with different availability in different countries. The most worldly used profession in […]

Types Of Paper For Printing | How To Choose Paper Material

It is important to know all the types of paper for printing with their different main features, characteristics, and quality to make sure which type of paper is best suitable for printing. Sadiq paper is a top paper mill that prepares all the types of paper that are suitable for printing different printing purposes. Why […]

High Quality Paper | Manufacturing and Manufacturers

High quality paper is being produced in Pakistan and also exported. According to the newspaper Dawn, there was no paper production unit when we gained independence in 1947. For the last 53 years, the paper industry has seen its boom and has proven to be successful. It is catering to 80 per cent paper needs […]