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Recycled Printer Paper | A Complete Recycling Process

History of Paper:

Producing new paper and papermaking processes are being done since 105 AD in China. The first paper was made by using rags, fishing nets, hemp, and grass. Since then new techniques are being involved in making paper. The basic change that was needed was to enhance the paper quality. The process of paper recycling goes co-currently. Recycled printer paper has been using as a product.

Every year about 75% of the paper that is used overall in the world is again used as a recycled printed paper. The recycled paper is not only used for printing purposes but the paper you throw into the bin can be used for many other purposes. Mostly the paper dumped is used as a recycled printer paper for the newspaper.

Paper Grades:

There are several grades designed for paper products according to their recycling history. The newspaper has a paper grade lowest because a newspaper goes through the recycling process many times. But the recycled printer paper has a higher grade than newspaper because the recycling process number is less.

The Recycling Process of Recycled Printer Paper


  • The waste product you dumped in the bin is taken to the industry where the waste products like paper, plastics, and other trash are recycled.
  • The workers there differentiate the waste product according to their grades.
  • The waste products that according to their grades are transferred to a mill where the paper is torn into small fragments and pieces
  • Many chemicals are used along with heating is also done as a result of which these little paper pieces are now converted into fibers.
  • The next step involves the transferring of the mixture in a vessel where the excess contaminants are thus removed.
  • The next step involves transferring it to a larger vessel where again the fibers are bonded together and are administered to the big vessel where the new paper is produced.

What Happens to The Paper After Recycling:

When the paper is recycled more than 7 times, the fibers that are present in paper become weak and need virgin fibers to mixed with for forming new recycled printer paper.

Importance of Paper Recycling:

There are a lot of things in our house that we consume in our daily life for many purposes but the packaging of that particular product is dumped in dustbins. The recycling process makes sure you use the paper again and again by applying the process of recycling and make use of a variety of products that we think is a wastage but it ends up being useful.

Recycling Is Important For Many Of The Reasons:

  1. It saves energy and water, as we get the paper from tree pulp for which they need a lot of water. By using recycled printer paper, the need for water and energy reduces to half.
  2. Recycled printer paper saves landfill spaces and makes sure to allow and free some spaces.
  3. Recycled printer paper help in preserving the resources like trees. For every recycled paper 17 trees are saved.

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