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Printer Papers As Different Sizes


Most of the population of this world think that there is only one constant size of printer paper used all over the world for various printing purpose. No, there are several types of categories which are also further divided into many subtypes of printer paper and Printer Papers As Different Sizes. The general division is common and not so common. Common papers include the type of papers we use in our daily life like for assignments and office work and people use it in their house as well.

What Is International Standard Paper Size?

An ISO, International standard paper listed papers following the system known as a metric. An ISO division technique state that “It is the square root of the two, height and width of the paper.” This is the easiest way of remembering the paper size. Papers are usually be explained in gm/m2.

What Is The Letter Size Printer Paper?

The Letter Size paper is the common format of paper which was made specifically for use with typewriters in the past for easy insertion into letters. This is measured at 8-1/2x11inches. The size stuck with common printing needs so that those who still write letters, printer papers and much more can easily create their documents.

ISO has three series, according to their different use.

  • A Series, Magazines and letter
  • B Series, Books
  • C Series, for Envelopes

Following are the different subtypes of these printer paper series with their specific use in life.

A Series:

  • A0: Use for drawing and posters.
  • A1: Use for posters.
  • A2: Use for charts.
  • A3: Use for diagram drawings.
  • A4: Use for catalogs and letter.
  • A5: Use for note pads.
  • A6: Use for postcards.

B Series:

  • B4: Use for newspapers.
  • B5: Use for books.
  • B6: Use for books.

C Series:

  • C1 – C6: All are used for envelopes and letters.

What Are Standard Most Common Used Printer Paper?

The standard legal paper size is said to be 8 by 1 that is 2×14 in inch. This type of pf paper is usually used for printing purpose. This type of printer paper is used for printing the assignment and document that you want in one paper but is impossible to fit in one. People mostly used this type of paper in offices, for the type of documents that we need to sign. Format brochures are also be printed in such type of printer papers.

There are also wide papers which have length height ration of 13×19 inch. These printer papers are very versatile. Photographers use this, they are also used for business purposes.

What Are Not So Common Printer Papers?

There are also specific printers that print that different, irregular and not so common type of documents. There are many types of printing documents which are being printed by using printers that only print these irregular pages on the basis of Printer Papers As Different Sizes. These printer papers are used for printing different broadsheet paper.

Overall, for your guideline, the A series papers have following length:

Paper Size       Width X Height (MM)

  • A0                    841mm X 1189mm
  • A1                     594mm X 841mm
  • A2                     420mm X 594mm
  • A3                     297mm X 420mm
  • A4                     210mm X 297mm
  • A5                     148mm X 210mm
  • A6                     105mm X 148mm
  • A7                     74mm  X 105mm
  • A8                      52mm  X 74mm

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