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Matte Paper and it’s types

The matte paper produces nice quality prints but does not have that vibrant color finish. Matte paper is not vulnerable to being marred by fingerprints and it produces a non-glare photo. A a matte finish provides a light coating that still enhances visual designs but without much glare.


While matte coated paper is slightly rougher to feel, it gives a smoother presentation than if you were using an uncoated paper finish and is much softer in appearance than a gloss coating. A matte paper finish is ideal if using photos in your print jobs. Types of matte paper include photo quality matte, premium (professional) grade, double sided matte, and semi matte.


HP Premium Matt:

This is classed as a four out of five stars paper for image quality, five out five stars for fade resistance and four out of five stars for fast dry time. Described as having a ‘smooth, premium matte paper finish’ it stands out from the other matt papers. If you are from a traditional photographic background it will seem more like a pearl or silk paper than a matt. The worst performance of this paper was just produced vertical white stripes about an inch apart down the paper and the tonal range was greatly reduced. It didn’t score very highly on any of the Water of Coffee tests and performed best with the two HP printers. ICI Matt. This heavy weight photo paper is available in sizes from A6+ to A2. It proved to have only reasonable resistance in our water and coffee tests..

Jessops Matt:

This is a double sided paper, which is convenient as it saves examining the paper to check you are printing on the right side. It was best suited to the Epson 2100, though also performed well. On the whole matte paper is a good cheap paper, although perhaps not suitable for your best prints or for use with HP printers. It was outperformed by other lighter-weight papers in this test.

Matt Papers comparedMX2 Matt:

This thick bright matte paper has a good quality feel to it and also achieved some quite high image quality scores. It is suprisingly cheap and is actually the cheapest paper in this test. Like the Lyson paper above it, the MX2 paper also performs well on the water and coffee tests. Although it performs quite well on the Canon and Epson printers there are still better papers available, but this could be a very good choice if you are after a low-cost heavyweight paper.


This is the second heaviest matte paper we’ve looked at and also one of the higher scoring ones. Even the packaging feels of a higher class than much of the competition. The results from the tests also show it is a more than capable paper, performing well with all but the HP printers. Although a slightly heavier weight paper than the MX2 matte paper, it is considerably more expensive and doesn’t offer a huge difference in image quality.

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