Infrastructure & Facilities:

Location: 12-Km, G.T. Road Shahdara Lahore. (Pakistan).

Raw Material:  Most of the Raw material we use is from recycling of paper and paper products and we also use wood as a raw materialSadiq Paper Products Private Limited is manufacturing quality paper by recycling of waste paper as the feedstock for domestic consumption for a little over 2 decades.  Although paper is traditionally identified with reading and writing, communication.
Sadiq Paper Products has also become the first paper mill in Pakistan to produce high quality writing and printing paper from 100% deinked wood free recovered paper..

Water:  We use pure and potable water having low iron content for manufacturing paper.

Power: We use both self-generated and purchased power for production purposes.

Quality Control/Central Laboratory: For quality control and research on raw material and processes, we have a fully equipped research lab in the paper mill. The central laboratory carries out detailed analysis of water, process materials, and intermediate product. Our quality control laboratory focuses on complaints, customer service, product development, and testing, inspection, and monitoring of products and processes.

Research and Development Center: The Sadiq paper product Pvt. Ltd. has set up a separate center for research and development purposes in order to carry out research on various activities using modern facilities.

Industrial Safety: In order to ensure the safety and security of all our employees, we have set up a fully equipped Safety Department having trained and qualified professionals. The Sadiq paper product Pvt. Ltd., we are striving hard to reduce water consumption for paper manufacturing. Our production standards meet the standards to control the Pollution.