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How To Save Paper | 8 Ways To Save The Paper

How To Save Paper

The responsibility is on us to make this planet so clean and green for us and for the future world and to make all the possible ways in practice to make this world a better place for everyone and before it is too late to repair it. Before we proceed to have knowledge about all the possible ways by which we can save paper,

Why Save Paper?

Do you know how many trees it takes to make a ton of paper? An amount of completely seventeen harvested trees and about five litres of water for making 1 A4 paper. The energy used to make one paper is twice as much as making plastic bags. Not for only this reason, we should save paper for nature, for balancing our environment.  An indirect reason to save paper is if we want to save our forest life, we need trees and for that reason, we need to safe paper to reduce the tree cutting process for paper making.

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There are few ways through which we can save paper

  • By recycling used paper:

The most important thing to do to save paper. It is important to use paper by recycling it. It is a cost-effective process and is very important to save paper usage.  Try to gather paper from where it is possible and to recycle it for usage. Always try to buy 100% recycled paper,

  • By using the paper fully:

It is important to utilize both sides of the paper. Even if you are printing try to print on both sides with fully using the paper leaving no space.

  • By using paper with knowing its importance:

It is the golden rule to remember the importance of paper. Electronic mails and documents, therefore, help in reducing paper consumption.

  • By using more electronic transitions:

Try to use an electronic transition rather than using papers to print unless it is important to paper usage. To avoid overprinting of pages and also expenses we all should promote saving documents electronically.

  • By using notebook until it is fully occupied:

It is important to utilize your notebook fully. It is important to use paper completely before turning paper and to check if there is any space left to use before discarding it. Also, make sure to not discard it but think to recycle it to use for later.

  • By thinking before printing:

It is easy to waste it by printing unwanted documents and on many pages but it is difficult to save paper by thinking before proceeding to print. Try to avoid extra printing.

  • Store documents electronically:

It is important to store all the data electronically as a document in your computer, laptop and mails. This act will help to save the paper in a way that it will save the printing of papers for no particular use. It also helps in saving the storage in your room or any workplace you are working in. The advantage of saving pages is that when the document is in mail form it is easily accessible.

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