chairman message
We intend to offer the best technology with the best possible customization to our customers for Paper mill. We personally deal with the customer not just to understand their need but more importantly to make sure that we live up to their expectations and build personal relationships with our clients. The increasing demand for paper is fueled mainly by the demand in developing countries such as those in Asia and Africa, while demand for paper has decreased in developed countries all over the world. WCPM has acted proactively to identify the market trend and augmented its capacity on time. Therefore, we are poised to gain from the ‘first-movers advantage’ in the paper market.

We understand the significance and importance of our customers need and therefore we ensure that our equally remain outstanding to fulfill their needs and meet their expectations.

The Sadiq Group is growing rapidly into new product areas. The current success of the company is based on listening to our customers needs and reacting to them. Our bespoke service, tailored to individual customer needs, is unrivaled in our industry. Employees of our team are motivated, experienced and highly skilled continue to drive the business forward. Talk to us about your requirements. We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by our response.

Sadiq Paper Mill has invested wisely in securing raw materials, focusing on research on technological development, complying with government policies on environment, and locking in capital requirements. We have started to get results from these investments in the form of increased profits, greater customer satisfaction, and a healthier environment.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders as together we are about to enter the premium segment in the industry. With hard work, innovation, and ambition, the future is ours.