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How To Make Handmade Paper From Recycled Materials

Handmade Paper From Recycled Materials The process of making paper is 2000 years old, wood pulp was introduced as a source of papermaking in the 1830s and this is when the major deforestation era started. This is one of the impacts humans have on the world’s deforestation as these resources end up being used in […]

Why Recycled Paper Is A Better Option?

Back To Basics of Recycled Paper: Since the beginning of time as far as we can remember paper has been one of the most used products on the market. It has always had high demand and never has any other product been used fully as its substitute. Paper has been used in many forms. It […]

Things You Need to Know About Recycled Paper |What Is Recycled Paper?

What Is Recycled Paper? and What are the uses of recycled paper? The paper utility is one of the sterling origins of deforestation. Since colonization in Australia, over 90% of our old-growth forests have been treeless or logged. And paper manufacture continues to drive the devastation of forests. What Is Recycled Paper? RECYCLED PAPER EXPLAINED: […]