Cardboard is a generic term for heavy-duty paper-based products having a greater thickness and superior durability or other specific mechanical attributes to paper; such as foldability, rigidity, and impact resistance. The construction can range from a thick sheet known as paperboard to corrugated fiberboard which is made of multiple corrugated and flat layers.

Do you know where cardboard uses initiated?

Carton is a box or package made out of Cardboard. Cardboard was invented much later during the industrial revolution. One similar fact about paper and cartons is that the materials of which these two are formed have the same source that is the plant life. Cartons are heavily used in packaging and boxing. The Kellogg brothers first used paperboard cartons to hold their flaked corn cereal, and later, when they began marketing it to the general public, a heat-sealed bag of wax paper was wrapped around the outside of the box. This development marked the origin of it.


Paper is the sheet that is usually used for writing. It is made up of cellulose (the substance in woods) and it is not water absorbent. It is also used for writing material. One common thing between paper and cardboard is that they both are extracted from paper. So they are products of paper but they both differ in a lot of ways.

Many people think there is no difference between paper and cardboard but paper and cardboards are different in many ways,

Difference between the paper and cardboard

The methods through which they are manufactured and structured are different. Cardboard is thick paper stock as compared to paper. It is usually brownish in color. Cardboard is made up of corrugated material. Looking closely at its structure, it has many layers of papers; one layer of paper, then the middle layer of wavy paper and then the outer layer of paper.

How Cardboard is manufactured in Industry?

Manufacturing is not a easy job, it need a lot of complicated methods to evolve to this point , as it goes through a series of steps to enhance its look and feel. Also known as boxboard, paperboard has different grades for different specific uses. There is bleached paperboard and coated unbleached craft paperboard as well as recycled paperboard.

Why Cardboard or Carton enhances packaging?

This type of material enhances the packaging process for the following reasons:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Product protection
  • Cost-effective
  • Environmentally friendly

What are they use for?

  1. People use their cardboard boxes to keep themselves clean when working on a dirty project.
  2. Kids can use the boxes for pretend play.
  3. Floor protection for events.
  4. It is a great layering material for compost to balance out the composition of greens and browns.

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