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Carbon Neutral Paper – Virgin Pulp & Recycled

Virgin Pulp & Recycled:

Carbon Neutral Paper – Recycled Paper was a boon 10 years ago, but demand in commercial print is falling and recycled pulp is being redirected to many other applications.

Why the change? Well we believe the recycling process could be one challenge, it delivers an inferior product for a higher price.

Interestingly, had you considered European forestry has grown in the last 10 years?

Between 2005 & 2015 European Forestry has increased by 44000 square kilometers an area the size of Switzerland! This is a result of many forestry Programs being put in place to develop how the industry works; with printing a small part of it; but all the paper we use here at Remous Print is from managed, sustainable forestry. In essence ‘tree farms’ grown specifically for the paper industry which contradicts a common belief that some how rainforests are being used for paper production, certainly not the case in the UK and Europe.

Carbon Neutral Paper:

So what if we could not only demonstrate the paper we use is from managed sources grown specifically for the purpose. But we can also offer a Carbon Captured (Carbon Neutral) option; which means the paper we use has zero carbon impact on the environment?

Welcome to the Carbon Capture Scheme from Remous Print. We have a license to provide Carbon Captured (carbon neutral) paper for your print should you so desire; the small premium cost added to the paper which enables you to use our license and logo on your printed material as Carbon Captured paper.

This delivers the best of all options, a great quality paper; zero carbon impact from the paper production and corporate responsibility for your organization with very little work for you.

When ordering other items from an online print shop, consumers can also put a carbon neutral order against payment of an additional fee of less than one per cent of the order value on average which will be reflected during the check-out.

Sadiq Paper Products Ltd:

As a leading international manufacturer of packaging and paper; Sadiq Paper LTD – A dedicated to creating cost-effective, high-performance and environmentally friendly solutions; as part of its Green Range product portfolio. Sadiq Paper is  a leading brand for color laser printing, Color Copy. It has been fully CO2-neutral from the cradle to the Sadiq Paper factory gate since 2002. The launch of NAUTILUS® SuperWhite CO2 neutral and all high-speed inkjet papers with a CO2 neutral alternative marks the natural progression of Sadiq Paper’s strong emphasis on the responsible management of natural resources.

Climate change is a global threat. Climate neutrality is based on the idea that greenhouse gas emissions have a negative impact on the climate – globally. As far as climate security is concerned, the exact sources of the emissions are meaningless, as are the precise areas for avoiding emissions.

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