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A3 PAPER Sizes And Uses

Now a days about 2 series, A and B series are used world wide by most of the countries as it is declared as international standards. The most commonly used paper is A4 size of ISO 216. It has many other size and type with different availability in different countries.  in The most worldly used profession in family life and in practical life is A3 SIZE, but it is used less than A4. The most common use of this size is in the presentation, charts or enlargement



The A Series Paper Sizes being a standard which is mostly used according to ISO and it is commonly suitable worldwide, including A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10. It is mostly used for writing paper, write tools, card, several printing documents, and the size of a paper that related to the envelope.



  1. A3 Size in mm

A3 Paper Size in mm is 297 x 420 millimeter.

  1. A3 Size in cm

A3 Paper Size in cm is 29.7 x 42.0 centimeter.

  1. A3 Size in inch

It has 11.69  x 16.54 inches in A3 paper.


ISO 216, is a paper standardized reference for A3 paper latter size.  We can calculate the weight of an A3 sheet by knowing that it is ⅛ an A0 sheet (measuring 1 m²). An A3 sheet paper weights about 10 grams. How? Because a paper of about 80 g / m², then when 80 / 8 is 10 grams.

Common uses:

There are many applications which make this choice as one of the most popular and useful option in the printing world.

70gsm to 100gsm Non-Coated:

These are normal printing papers which are mostly referred as copy paper. They are used to print documents in which there is no or very little use of graphics.


120gsm to 150gsm Inkjet Matt Coated:

A3 papers of this size are mostly used for brochures as when folded they are equal to two A4 sheets. However, the lighter weight options are also used for proofing an image or a design by allowing the insertion of comments around the print (in A3+) and for presentation in the business world, these are also uses for printing graphics and charts when basic graphics are required.


150gsm to 200gsm Inkjet Matt, Satin and Gloss:

You know the use of A3 paper? Mainly the use in best quality printing brochures and also for the best quality printing of photography.

200gsm and up Inkjet Matt, Satin, Luster and Gloss:

Photographs that have some sort of keepsake element are almost always printed on the heavier paper.


Printing on the A3 paper is same as printing on the A4 paper. You should make sure that your printer is suitable with A3 size paper. If not, then you may not be able to load the paper properly. The printer will not notice the paper and it won’t print or will have print and print quality problems. Also, use accurate papers to avoid print quality issues.


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