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Sadiq Paper Products aims to become the leading Paper Mill in Pakistan, with an emphasis on environment friendly Paper Production with high quality Products and services.

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Its legal status is Association of Persons. Situated at 10-Km, G.T. Road Shahdara Lahore. (Pakistan).

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Recycled Printer Paper | A Complete Recycling Process

History of Paper: Producing new paper and papermaking processes are being done since 105 AD in China. The first paper was made by using rags, fishing nets, hemp, and grass. Since then new techniques are being involved in making paper. The basic change that was needed was to enhance the paper quality. The process of […]

Origin of Paper Manufacturing – Interesting History of Papermaking

Origin of Paper Manufacturing – Paper was first made by the Chinese in the 2nd century. It was made of fishnets and tree bark mainly. The earliest paper manufacturing process for making it in bulks, using machinery, can be traced back to the 9th-century medieval Islamic world. Paper Manufacturing Process Now Paper is made up of fiber. […]

How Paper Is Made? A Step-By-Step Guide

How Paper Is Made? Paper is a thin sheet material that is produced mechanically and chemically from wood, rags, grasses, or other vegetable sources. We cannot deny the importance of paper in our everyday lives. It is used for communicating, connecting, studying, art and so much more. We all are aware of the fact that […]

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