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What is uncoated paper?

There are numerous types of paper, but most important types are coated and uncoated paper. In this article, we are discussing uncoated paper. What is uncoated paper? There are several variables that companies should take into consideration when planning any printing project. It is not just about whether to utilize digital printing or offset printing, the paper type you choose is an important […]

Coated Paper And It’s Uses

Paper with a clay or polymer coating applied to one or both sides is coated paper. The coating can be dull, gloss, matte or high-gloss (cast coated). Commercial printers typically offer a selection of coated and uncoated papers for use on printing projects. The coated paper produces sharper, brighter images when used in printing and has better reflectivity […]

Types Of Paper

TYPES OF PAPER There are various types of paper with different, sizes, weight, quality, color and thickness are available on the market and choosing from them for a top quality printing result and for writing is a very complicated job. You need to choose a proper and relevant type of paper with suitable size, color and thickness […]


PAPER: True paper is characterized as thin sheets made from fiber that has been macerated until each individual filament is a separate unit. The fibers are then intermixed with water and by the use of a sieve-like screen; the fibers are lifted from the water leaving a sheet of matted fiber on the screen. ORIGIN: […]